March 2012

Tea on the Go

Search for the perfect mug.

As the weather warms, I find myself leaving the house earlier. This means my required morning cup of caffeine must accompany me on these journeys into the world. I'm not a dainty, single cup of tea person. Nope, I need at least three cups before I can face the day as anything other than an angry cave bear.

Tazo at Home

A tea review.

If you spend anytime in that giant of coffee shops, Starbucks, you are familiar with Tazo tea. The founder of Tazo originally started the Stash tea brand, which he later sold before starting the Tazo company. In 1994, Tazo was born and later sold to Starbucks, where it quickly became a household name.

I'm a Little Tea Pot

Tea Tips

I have a huge collection of tea pots, yet there is only one or two I use on a regular basis. I'm a sucker for pretty or interesting looking pots so I tend to pick them up often, but once I get them home they are insufficient for one reason or another. When it comes down to it, most tea pots available today are made for looking at, not actually using.

Creating Tea Blends

Make your own simple syrups.

Lately I have been experimenting with sweet tea infusions. These are similar to those liquid tea mixes you can buy at the store, but they are much less expensive and pack more flavor than anything you can buy. You can create almost any flavor of tea you want with a homemade simple syrup.