February 2012

Herbal Teas

Tea without tea leaves.

I used to hate herbal teas. They were flavorless substitutes for my beloved black and green teas. They usually contain no caffeine, which made them even more useless. Of course, at this point in my life I had only tried the bland herbal tea bags readily available at grocery stores.

Reading Tea Leaves

The secrets of tasseography tea

I'm not one for horoscopes and I'm usually pretty clueless about superstitions, so divination and getting my fortune isn't normally on my daily to-do list. Yet, what could be so bad about enjoying a cup of tea and finding out how my weekend's going to go – all in one sitting? So when a friend's daughter offered to read our tea leaves, I decided “sure, why not?”

The Art of Ice Tea

Enjoying your brew on the rocks.

Sometimes a hot drink just doesn't sound appetizing, but that's okay because there is always ice tea. All too often I see otherwise discerning tea drinkers settle for a subpar tea, thinking quality doesn't matter since they are serving it iced. This often results in weak or overly bitter, cloudy pitchers of tea.

Alternative Brewing: Keurig Machines

Can a good cuppa come from a K-cup?

My mom received a Keurig machine last year for Christmas. It was at the top of her list, which I found odd because her and my dad mainly drink tea. I was soon introduced to the world of K-cups and hot brewing water on demand. Suffice it to say, a Keurig machine isn't likely in my future.