December 2011

Favorite Accessories for Tea Lovers

Sets, Storage, and Tools.

Tea isn't just a beverage, it is something akin to medicine Curling up with a mug warms not just my hands but my entire soul. Staring into the cup of translucent liquid is a meditative experience that can relax me more quickly than the best massage. The right accessories further help make tea an experience and not just a drink. I have a few favorites that I use regularly.

A Perfect Cup Every Time

Tea Brewing Basics

Many a tea connoisseur brews tea the wrong way. I, too, used to make the same mistakes I now see over and over within the tea-loving community. Water that's too hot or too cold is the most common mistake. Overly hot water results in a bitter tea and ruins the fine nuance of the flavor, while cool water fails to steep the tea leaves fully. The proper brewing method depends in part on the type of tea you are making.

Enjoying Loose Leaf Tea

Tea infusers


Loose leaf teas often provide a more refined and stronger flavor than the tea bag varieties. They also provide you with more control over the strength of the tea. My favorite part of using loose leaf is the ability to combine various teas together to create new and interesting blends. If you want to enjoy loose leaf, you must first master the use of an infuser.

Gifts for Tea Lovers

Most of us have enough socks, bath bubbles and weird gadgets to last us a lifetime, but it's difficult to get out of a gift-buying rut and select something our recipient will really enjoy. I've taken the liberty to gather up a few ideas for tea lovers so you can give the special tea drinker in your life something they will really enjoy this holiday season.

Harney & Sons Paris

Hunt down a tin, brew up a cup, and start your own intellectual revolution!

My friend D first introduced me to Harney & Sons famous tea Paris. I had stopped by her house to drop something off and have a chat, and she had just made a cup for herself. She fixed me a mug, added a small splash of cream, and handed it over.
The first thing I noticed was the smell. Paris is a black tea with vanilla, caramel, and bergamot flavors. It smelled like Christmas, a bewitching smell of coziness and baking and holiday spices. It was earthy and genuine, like the smell of a spice cabinet, not fake like the smell of Yankee Candle.