Tazo at Home

Tazo at Home

A tea review.

If you spend anytime in that giant of coffee shops, Starbucks, you are familiar with Tazo tea. The founder of Tazo originally started the Stash tea brand, which he later sold before starting the Tazo company. In 1994, Tazo was born and later sold to Starbucks, where it quickly became a household name.

Tazo makes more than 80 unique types of tea, but not all are available to consumers. Many are specialty blends for consumers. There are both looseleaf and bagged varieties, depending on your brewing preference. The tea isn't just available at cafes, you can also purchase it at most grocery stores.


I have a love-hate relationship with Tazo. The tea is good quality, but often overpriced. I can buy better quality, more flavorful tea from lesser known makers at a fraction of the cost. Part of this is plain marketing and brand recognition. If people are willing to pay more, naturally the company will charge more.


One place where Tazo has let me down is their liquid chai blend. I love myself some Starbuck's chai. Although the barista has tried to convince me that the blend they use is the same available in little cartons at grocery stores, I have never been able to replicate the flavor of those purchased at a local cafe. This is after carefully noting the amount of tea concentrate and milk used in its creation. I'm forced to believe that either chai tastes better when made by someone else, or that there is a recipe difference between what the cafes use and what is available for home use.