Reading Tea Leaves

Reading Tea Leaves

The secrets of tasseography tea

I'm not one for horoscopes and I'm usually pretty clueless about superstitions, so divination and getting my fortune isn't normally on my daily to-do list. Yet, what could be so bad about enjoying a cup of tea and finding out how my weekend's going to go – all in one sitting? So when a friend's daughter offered to read our tea leaves, I decided “sure, why not?”

She began by pouring us each a cuppa, sans strainer. I allowed the leaves to settle for a moment before drinking it down, but I still wouldn't describe it as a pleasant process. Maybe I should have had the tea leaves stuck to my teeth read instead!


Once we finished our tea, she took our cups. The remainder of the brewed leaves was primary on the bottom of the cups, but some had stuck to the sides as well. She held the cup fairly level and began reading with the handle facing her.


It seems that a tea reading begins with the present and moves toward the future. My friend's daughter explained that the symbols left behind by the tea leaf residue each provided clues to what was currently going on and what would occur later. The leaves on the side of the mug are the present while those on the bottom are the far future.


So what does my future hold? Well, it began with a bat, which I was informed meant appointment and false friends, and ended with a pipe, which symbolizes a solution to a problem. Considering I was disappointed with drinking leafy tea but on my way to solve that by brewing a clear cup, I would say the reading was spot on.