Gifts for Tea Lovers

Gifts for Tea Lovers

Most of us have enough socks, bath bubbles and weird gadgets to last us a lifetime, but it's difficult to get out of a gift-buying rut and select something our recipient will really enjoy. I've taken the liberty to gather up a few ideas for tea lovers so you can give the special tea drinker in your life something they will really enjoy this holiday season.

Give a Sampler

For the adventurous tea lover, a sampler pack of high end teas may help them find a new favorite. Most of the major tea producers sell special holiday samplers packaged attractively. Another idea is to put together your own sampler to share your favorites with the recipient. Package the tea bags in a new cup or tea pot.


Tea Sets

Most regular tea drinkers have a favorite up, but they always welcome a replacement. Consider a unique cup to match the personality of the recipient. Stain cups, by Bethan Laura Wood, reveal a decorative pattern on the inside as the interior of the cup develops the natural tea staining from use. You can also purchase porcelain paint pens. Use these to personalize a plain cup then follow the baking instructions on the pen to make your design permanent.


Go Handmade

Etsy and similar handmade online marketplaces have a huge selection of one-of-a-kind gift items for tea enthusiasts. Consider a tea wallet to hold their favorite tea at the office or when traveling. Handcrafted mugs, tea pots, and tea cozies are other ideas. You can even find soaps and beauty products scented with the delicate aroma of tea.