Favorite Accessories for Tea Lovers

Favorite Accessories for Tea Lovers

Sets, Storage, and Tools.

Tea isn't just a beverage, it is something akin to medicine Curling up with a mug warms not just my hands but my entire soul. Staring into the cup of translucent liquid is a meditative experience that can relax me more quickly than the best massage. The right accessories further help make tea an experience and not just a drink. I have a few favorites that I use regularly.

Tea Sets

A tea set may consist of no more than a favorite mug, or it could be a matching tray, pot, saucer and cup combo. It all depends on your preferences. I tend toward beautiful but earthy looking handcrafted mugs. I like those that carry the mark of an artist best – decorative painting, rough clay work, or small embellishments outside or inside the cup.


Tea Storage

I used to keep all my tea varieties, loose and bagged, shoved into an old plastic storage container. It worked, but it wasn't attractive. I now use a tea storage box. Each tea variety has its own little cubby. Loose teas are securely stored in sealed wooden boxes that match my larger bagged tea box. Not only is this more organized, it also keeps the tea fresher. I've selecting tea from a beautiful container adds even more to my ritual tea.


The Right Tools

I couldn't live without my collection of infusers for brewing loose tea, nor my infusing pot for brewing a lot of loose tea at once. Another favorite is may matcha set, which includes the small bamboo whisk for stirring this exquisite green tea powder.